We didn’t put a cigarette paper between one kiss ending and the next beginning.
All there was was us, but we were a singular term worth saving.
Like arriving in Oz, our relationship bursts technicolour
Before crashing down like stardust memories.

First cut is the deepest they say
It certainly won’t heal, I know that.
While she slips away to love a mortician
My love dies sickly on the vine
My love dies sickly on the vine.

So I write her another song
Imagine her radio picking up the static of my memories
Heartbreak turns to choruses
Malady to melody.
Malady to melody.

And with a flash of magic
She’s there in front of me
Perfection frozen in time
My heart beating like the fastest drums.
I try to speak
My mouth is sewn with the wire of her beauty.
My silence says it all
She’s everything to me.
You’re everything to me.
Where are you going?
Where are you going?