Firstly a round of applause for Dixie Carter, for re-igniting the Monday Night Wars. Of course in reality it is not quite the same, this time she does not have the weight and pocketbook of Ted Turner behind her, but then again Carter isn’t just some two-bit hick with ten dollars and a dream, they don’t let you film in Universal Studios, Florida, if you’re down to the last ten million…
There are so many ways of looking at it, but what most Internet Marks seem to be forgetting is just the thrilling aspect of it, from a fan’s point of you. Now instead of one excellent wrestling company to follow, you have two. Don’t be taken in by the David vs Goliath aspect either, remember that Vince McMahon already hurled a stone in the eye of the giants of the industry when he broke up the territory system and took wrestling nationwide back in the day. That, they said, could not be done.
Still, there cannot have been a wrestling fan alive that wasn’t excited on January 4th when TNA Impact! Squared off against RAW. On Vince’s show, you had the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be, Bret Hart and on Impact!, the biggest wrestler of all time (you can argue all you like for the like of Harley Race or Bruno Sammartino, but they never had breakfast cereals or Saturday morning cartoons…) Hollywood Hulk Hogan. However the war ends up, the fans have already won. If you’re tired of Vince (I have a lot of respect for the McMahons and think they can do no wrong. Aside from Rikishi. And Hornswoggle. And The Kiss My Ass Club. And Eugene.) then you finally have a viable alternative. From another side, you have a group of wrestlers that Vince made stars, now all in one place and fighting for position. Perhaps the most important thing for Impact! wasn’t the arrival of Hogan but the appearance of Jeff Hardy on the same show, a wrestler still very much at the top of his game.
Also Hogan is very much just the Trojan Horse in this situation, it’s Eric Bischoff who has the talent and vision to jump from the shadows and make or break TNA Wrestling. Vince knows this of course, that’s why he swallowed his pride following the war with WCW and brought Bischoff onto the team…
So forget your Internet bitching and let’s sit back and enjoy a great time to be a wrestling fan, even if Hogan-Hall-Nash may be, how shall we put it, a little long in the tooth.

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