With High School Musical 3 taking a record breaking $42 million over the opening weekend, it should come as no surprise that other studios are trying to get in on the act. The odd thing is that 20th Centruy Fox are using one of Disney’s own acts to try and get a slice of the box office cake.

Yes, Jonas Brothers are signed up to star in Fox’s ‘Walter The Farting Dog’ (No, REALLY!) based on a series of popular children’s books. It’s being produced by the Farrelly Brothers who may also direct.

The tale revolves around a fat dog with wind problems who comes to live with a family, causing general and hilarious havoc. Interestingly as well as signing up Nick, Joe and Kevin, the film is also set to feature their younger brother Frankie, already familiar to fans of the band as the Bonus Jonas.

Jonas Brothers? Farting dogs? These are truly great days!