Obviously if you’re already sneering at the idea of Jonas Brothers then this review is not gonna change your mind, it’s not designed to do that. So many people in this country have already decided they hate Nick, Joe and Kevin before they even hear a note – whatever. The fact is that ‘A Little Bit Longer’ is a great great pop record throughout, the brilliant first single ‘Burnin Up’ was just the beginning…

‘Video Girl’ is one of the bitchiest songs you’ll hear this year, the tale of a girl who thinks she’s dating a Jonas after appearing in their video for two seconds, you get the idea from the sneering vocal that there is more than an element of truth to this one. Elsewhere, ‘Shelf’ is a great tale of yearning as is the high tempo but lyrically down ‘Pushin Me Away’.

The highlights are the slower tracks. ‘Cant Have You’ is a heartbreaking tale of missed love and ‘When You Look Me In The Eyes’ will already be familiar to anyone who owns the self-titled album, but it hasn’t lost any of its power. The centrepiece of the record is Nick Jonas’ ‘A Little Bit Longer’, a tale of his struggle with diabetes. It’s a beautiful piano balled that regularly has American audiences in tears. Stunning.

Pop album of the year? No competition.