Well, what is there to say about Paul Newman? One of the greatest actors ever, choose any period of his career and you’ll encounter classics. And he made a cracking salad dressing too. RIP, sir.

The best tribute to pay is just to pick any of the classics from this list and rediscover some of the best performances of all time. The word ‘legend’ gets thrown around too much these days, but in terms of Hollywood, the word is almost too small to describe Mr Newman.

How’s this for a CV, classics one and all, go discover greatness…

Road To Perdition
The Hudsucker Proxy
Mr And Mrs Bridge
Fat Man And Little Boy
The Color Of Money
The Verdict
The Sting
Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid
Cool Hand Luke
Sweet Bird Of Youth
The Hustler
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof