With the rest of The Darkness back as Stone Gods, a brilliant but serious metal outfit, those looking for more Darkness style fun need look no further than Justin Hawkins new band Hot Leg.

Imagine an amped up version of his last band, throw in covers of Jennifer Rush’s ‘The Power Of Love’ and Huey Lewis’ song of the same name and you have a dayglo metal treat.

The problem is of course that the Queen shenanigans of Hawkins may not translate on the toilet circuit that Hot Leg now find themselves on. Whilst we would recommend seeing them given a chance, no matter how small the venue, they are about to be support on two major arena tours where Hawkins gets back to his natural habitat.

Firstly Hot Leg will be supporting the reformed Extreme, in what should be a fantastic double bill. Then, slightly more bizarrely, but taking the band to Brixton Academy, they will tour with po-faced serious metallers Alter Bridge.

Welcome back, sir. We can hear the critics already whining about outdated hair metal. We side with Hawkins. Bring it on.