This past weekend, WWE legend Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts appeared at an independent show in Lakewood, Ohio for Firestorm Pro Wrestling. Now Roberts is known for his problems with alcohol and drugs in the past, but fans were surprised to be confronted with a clearly drunk Roberts, ranting and raving, before a match with JT Lightning, which can only be described as embarrassing.

Following a video of the event popping up on Youtube, Roberts’ assistant claims that Jake was drugged before the show and the star himself has said that he has no memory of wrestling. Roberts commented: “”I never have felt like that. I don’t know why this has happened. I pray that it never happens to anybody. I am sorry. I can’t even talk. I can’t tell you how scary it is because right now I am shaking just thinking about it. I just don’t want it to happen to anybody. Whoever did it, I hope to hell what goes around comes around and let God sort it out because I am not going on a man hunt because I am scared to even open the door much less anything else.”

Here’s the car crash of a match…

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