Poor old Jon Favreau, any other year ‘Iron Man’ would have been the greatest superhero movie of them all. Alas, Downey Jr and company arrived in the same year as a little something called ‘The Dark Knight’…

So, if you’re looking at a sequel to ‘Iron Man’, how can you make sure that it is the blockbuster to beat them all. Hmm, I dunno, how about shooting the whole film in the IMAX format? Not bad. Or maybe shoot it in 3-D? Explosions, fire, robots, all coming atcha big time. Nice. Well, it seems that Favreau is toying with doing both – yes, a 3D IMAX epic that would no doubt have fanboys everywhere exploding.

Of course, before we get too ahead of ourselves, we should remember that the movie has not even begun filming yet, so there is plenty of time for Paramount to look at the numbers and decide that they just don’t add up.

Guess we’ll see you in the queue, Summer 2010 to see how Iron Man 2 turns out and how many dimensions it is in!