Ok, ok, it’s not really a new Mansun album, deep breath there, it’s just a new way to listen to and evaluate some old classics…

As part of his 10th Anniversary Of ‘Six’ blog, Paul Draper discussed the EP b-sides and the fact that if the band had not have imploded before its time, the tracks would have been released as a series of albums complimenting the quartet of real albums.

As way of an example, Draper revealed the tracklisting for ‘The Dead Flowers Reject’, which would have been the post-Six record – it features not only some of the EPs greatest tracks but in ‘GSOH’ and ‘When The Wind Blows’ especially, some of the band’s finest material, full stop.

The full tracklisting for ‘The Dead Flowers Reject’ is as follows:

1. What It’s Like To Be Hated
3. Been Here Before
4. When The Wind Blows
5. Can’t Afford To Die
6. Church Of The Drive Thru Elvis
7. I Care
8. King Of Beauty
9. But The Trains Run On Time
10. Check Under The Bed
11. I Deserve What I Get
12. Railings
13. Spasm Of Identity (hidden track)