Now that ‘Breaking Dawn’ has put a full stop on Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga, you might be missing your regular dose of moody vampire action.

Well, America’s HBO Network (which of course has produced many of the most electrifying and, more importantly, intelligent dramas of recent years) has no doubt picked up on this and will this weekend premier its new flagship series ‘True Blood’.

Following the invention of synthetic blood by a Japanese scientist, vampires have come out of the shadows and ingratiated themselves into modern society. Whilst there is no longer any danger of the bloodsuckers turning other citizens into a midday snack, many are still unsure about these developments and government and religious groups have chosen which side of the line to take…

The series takes place in the small town of Bon Temps, a place where Sookie Stackhouse (played by ‘The Piano’ star, Anna Paquin) already feels like an outcast due to her bizarre ability to listen in on other people’s thoughts. Therefore, she is more welcoming than most when it comes to the vampires, especially Bill Compton, a devilishly attractive 173 year old who moves in up the road.

‘True Blood’ comes from the creator of classic series ‘Six Feet Under’, Alan Ball, and promises to be even darker than his previous work. ‘True Blood’ premieres in America at 9pm on September 7th so expect to be caught up in the Internet tsunami soon after that – and chances are that that guy selling DVDs in your local pub will have it in a couple of weeks anyway…

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