Whilst in Britain new bands are being influenced by all kinds of bands of the past, from the Mary Chain clanging of Glasvegas to the Carter USM pop gloss of Subliminal Girls, it seems that on the American underground, it is Bruce Springsteen who is moulding rock n roll in his glorious image. First we had The Hold Steady with their tales of small town weirdness and character studies straight out of The Boss’ scrapbook and now The Gaslight Anthem are doing a similar thing, with equally brilliant results.

‘The ’59 Sound’ is a classic Americana record that really should come on scratchy well worn vinyl, with its heartbreak tales etched into every emotional groove. The record actually begins with the sound of the needle being dropped and the anticipation of a second of crackling static before ‘Great Expectations’ kicks in, the first of a dozen glorious stories, told swiftly and effectively with each introducing tales of youth, love, loss, basically it’s a heart-on-the-sleeve record, perhaps too earnest for some, but those people are missing out on one of the year’s best rock n roll records. Expect to see them playing Asbury Park soon. We suggest you’re there too.